Proposed Pool Reconstruction Project



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Why do we need a new pool?
The existing pools are more than 50 years old. We can replace things like the liner—but the structure and plumbing are approaching the end of their predicted life. We’ve engaged several different pool experts to review our facility. Their advice is clear: if we want a pool for the long-term future, the most reasonable option is to rebuild. 

How was the proposed design developed?
The proposed design is based on feedback from a community survey, public forums, and advice from community members on our pool task force. Together with task force members, we interviewed pool designers, and selected Steve Rimkunas (

Will the new pools be the same size as the existing ones?
The proposed main pool is about 20% bigger (9,000 vs. 11,017 sf). The kiddie pool is about the same size, but it’s a different shape.

Are there new features?
Yes. The proposed main pool has a zero-entry area, additional lap lanes, and a water slide. A diving board is also being considered. The kiddie pool design offers a new shape and playful water geysers.

Will the deck areas around the pools be bigger? 
Yes. The pump and filter building is moved closer to the basketball courts, which allows expansion of the deck at that end.

Are we getting new deck furniture as well? 
We hope so, but that will depend on the budget.

Are changes proposed for the pool building?
No. The restrooms, changing rooms and snack area don’t change. They were renovated several years ago.

What is the timeline for the project? ­
We’re aiming to complete design and engineering drawings by year end. That should allow construction to begin in September 2022—after reviews, County health department approvals, bidding and contract award. We're hoping that construction can be completed by June 2023.

Will we lose a pool season because of construction? 
We hope not, but we can’t be sure. Next year (2022), we’ll operate the existing pools. If construction can begin in September, the goal is to open the new pool in June 2023. That’s an aggressive schedule that could extended by weather conditions and availability of materials and equipment.

What will this cost, and how will it affect taxes? 
We expect the project will cost about $3 million. It would be funded by a bond issue and modestly increased membership fees. We’re pursuing various funding options, but we think that the project may add about $40 to the average property owner’s Village taxes.

Will membership fees be higher?
We expect a modest increase in pool membership fees. Pricing has not yet been decided. Since Village residents support this through property taxes, fees may be modestly higher for school-district residents who live outside the Village.

What will the lifespan of the new pool be?
All facilities require ongoing maintenance, but this project would renew our pool facility for many decades to come.

Can people offer ideas and comments on the plan? 
Yes. Comments can be submitted to

Where can the public find updates about how the renovation is progressing? 
Subscribe to ‘News & Announcements’ on the Village website here: Updates will also be posted on this page moving forward.