Village Government

The Village of Pleasantville was incorporated in 1897.  Our municipality is governed by an elected board, known collectively as the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees holds public meetings starting at 7:00PM every Monday (excluding Holidays) at Village Hall to conduct Village business.  

The Board of Trustees is comprised of a Mayor and four Trustees, each elected to three year terms.  They are responsible for the management of the Village.  In order to fulfill this mandate, Village Law provides local elected officials broad statutory powers.  The Trustees of the Village are authorized to:

  • Appoint officials to administer policy, manage day to day business and fiscal assets, and perform public services;
  • Establish other boards, commissions, and municipal departments to facilitate the Board's policies and goals;
  • Adopt local legislation;
  • Develop capital plans and budgets;
  • Adopt comprehensive plans relating to land use; and
  • Acquire physical assets such as parkland, inventory, and buildings to house operations.