Pool Task Force

The Village Board of Trustees has created a Pool Task Force to help evaluate options for the future of the village pool. The pool is nearing the end of its useful life and is reaching the point where routine maintenance and repair may no longer be cost effective. It may soon require major structural updating (reinforced/ reconstructed pool walls and floor, along with new drains and a new gutter system) or, potentially, full replacement.

The goal of the Pleasantville Pool Task Force is to (i) assess the community’s preferences for pool design, features, and programming, (ii) evaluate options to meet these preferences and (iii) identify costs and the cost impact to the Pleasantville Village residents and pool members associated with the recommended option(s).  The timetable for any work on the pool is still to be determined. The task force conducted a survey on the pool in order to gain input and feedback. The results of the survey can be found here

The village has created an e-mail address, pool@pleasantville-ny.gov, in order to collect comments from the community. Comments sent here will be collected, summarized, and then distributed to the task force at regular intervals. In addition, after the survey results have been collected and analyzed, we plan to hold open forums in winter 2021 to gain additional feedback from the community.

Task Force Head:  Troy Tassier


Sean Doyle

Amanda Gleason

Jill Jameson

Jim Kennedy

Suzanne Largey

Steve Lord

Brooke Petriccone

Larry Petriccone

Danielle Raefski

Tim Rossi

Zaw Thein

Petro Zorgman