Clark Street & Soldiers & Sailors Drainage Improvements Project

Proposed drainage improvements will remove and upgrade the aged and deteriorated 8 inch Vitrified Clay and 12 inch storm sewer that runs from the Soldiers and Sailors field and connects to the Bedford Road (Westchester County Road 27) drainage system and includes: (1) installation of approximately 800 linear feet of new/proposed 6 inch and 12 inch diameter under-drain piping within Soldiers and Sailors Park to improve field drainage, and reduce recreational programmatic downtime, (2) installation of approximately 825 linear feet of proposed 12, 15 and 18 inch diameter storm sewer within Soldiers and Sailors Park, its parking area and Clark Street to eliminate and/or mitigate field and adjacent property flooding conditions by efficiently conveying stormwater runoff and groundwater from the playing field, parking area and Clark Street to the Bedford Road existing drainage system.

The project includes the installation of 5 proposed catch basins (1 structure to be replaced within the parking area and 4 new drainage catch basins within Clark Street) to effectively capture runoff within the parking area and Clark Street, and convey this stormwater downstream via underground structures and piping to the Bedford Road storm sewer. The 4 proposed Clark Street catch basins will mitigate roadway icing during winter months, and capture the large volume of surface runoff from Clark Street. Clark Street does not have a drainage system to collect and convey surface runoff to the Bedford Road drainage system. There will be the construction of new/proposed concrete curb, sidewalks and driveway aprons on the east (odd numbered) side of Clark Street along the alignment of the proposed storm sewer from the parking lot to Bedford Road.


  • June 2024 - Project Advertisement for Contractor Bidding 
  • August 2024 - Contractor Bids Due 
  • August 2024 - DPW Recommendation of Award to BOT
  • September 2024 - Anticipated Construction Start
  • November 2024 - Anticipated Construction Completion

Project drawings linked here.