Assessor's Office

The Village Assessor determines the market value of residential and commercial properties within the incorporated  Village of Pleasantville for the purpose of taxation. Assessments are based on an analysis of comparable sales of properties within the surrounding area. A comparable study of these sales is carefully analyzed to determine value factors for each attribute of the property, and these values are then applied to all properties for a fair and equitable assessment. The purpose of implementing this analysis periodically is to assure that property owners are paying their fair share of the Village tax burden.

Please note, the Village Assessment Roll is the basis for establishing the Village tax roll only.  Village Taxes are levied annually on June 1st. The Village provides for two equal installment payments. The first installment is due on or before June 30th and the second on or before December 31st.

The Village does not levy or collect School, Town, County or other real property taxes.

 School taxes, County Taxes and Town taxes are payable to the Town of Mount Pleasant's Receiver of Taxes.  For questions call the Town Tax Receiver at 742-2348.  The S.T.A.R. ( School Tax Relief) program is administered the Town of Mount Pleasant Assessor, One Town Hall Plaza, Valhalla, NY - 914-742-2315.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Lloyd Tasch Village Assessor