Update: Work in Memorial Plaza

Addition of plantings, realignment of northern island/median and installation of angled parking

As the Manville Road Corridor Improvement Project progresses, and the curb and sidewalk in the south end of the plaza are replaced, additional work will take place within Memorial Plaza to add landscaping, improve pedestrian safety and enhance parking between Bedford Road and Manville Road.

This work includes:

  • Improvements to the north end of Memorial Plaza. The Manville Road project will result in the removal of the right hand ‘slip lane’ exiting Memorial Plaza. While this area is proposed to be the future location of a civic space, interim improvements will be made at the conclusion of the Manville Rd project to add plantings, trees and grass with parking also to remain. Total cost of the work is projected to be $600,000, which is supported by $450,000 of grant funding. This work would not need to be reconstructed for a full-scale civic space project in the future. Click here to view a rendering of the improvements to the north end of Memorial Plaza. This work is likely to take place fall 2023 or spring 2024
  • Replacement/redesign of curbing around the northern island in Memorial Plaza to align with the new condition resulting from the Manville Rd project. Angled parking will be placed on the west side of the median/island, and on the west wide of Memorial Plaza (in front of Starbucks and diner) replacing the existing parallel parking spaces. New landscaping will also be added to the median/island. This work is expected to begin in late May. 
  • Curb and sidewalk has been replaced in the south end of Memorial Plaza with the construction of a pedestrian bump-out, and planned placement of 13 angled parking spaces. This will produce a pedestrian walkway and new crosswalk connecting the Cooley Street parking lot to Memorial Plaza and the train station.

For a full overview of the work to Memorial Plaza, including potential timeline, please click here.