Tent City Tickets for 2017 Music Festival

On Sale March 11th at Recreation Center

Tent City sites for the 2017 Pleasantville Music Festival (July 8th) will be going on sale for the first time on Saturday, March 11th between the hours of 8am and noon at the Pleasantville Recreation Center

located at  48 Marble Ave, Pleasantville, NY. After March 11th, you may purchase tickets at the Recreation Office on weekdays, from 8am to 4pm..

* Cash and checks made out to the Village of Pleasantville. No credit cards accepted.

* Prices: Front row: $75- Second Row $60 All other Rows $50.

Purchasers must provide their own tents. A minimum of two tickets must be purchased at the current price level with each tent site sale. Current ticket prices are $40 per adult ticket and $28 for students (12-21) and seniors (65+) If festival tickets have already been purchased, proof of purchase must be supplied.

Bruce Figler
Executive Director
2017 Pleasantville Music Festival